See You Soon!



The Children's Dental Network has planned the following treatment visits for the spring of 2019:

Barka Elementary
April 8th-10th

Grinnell Elementary
April 11th-16th

North Londonderry Elementary
April 17th

Matthew Thornton Elementary
April 18th

School Vacation Week
April 22nd-26th

Hampstead Central School
April 29th

Hampstead Middle School
April 30th

Head Start
May 1st

Chester Academy
May 2nd and 3rd

Londonderry Middle School
May 6th and 7th

Hampstead Central School (Classroom Education)
May 6th, 8th and 9th

Moose Hill Kindergarten
May 8th and 9th

Hood Middle School/DEEP 
May 13th-16th

West Running Brook Middle School
May 17th-21st

May 20th

Moose Hill Kindergarten (Classroom Education)
May 22nd and 23rd