Teaching Kids Healthy Habits




Show your young students an 8 minute video about tooth-healthy snacks for school. This is an edited segment of the 1st grade presentation by our hygienist, Dianne Powers, that focuses on snacks. Many thanks to Karen Robinson and the students in her Londonderry High School TV Production and Radio Broadcasting class! 




Oral health is an important part of overall health, and the Children’s Dental Network offers teachers in participating schools the opportunity to have a dental hygienist deliver an oral health presentation to their students. These presentations are available for students in PreK through grade 5 and may be offered at a different time in the school year than our screenings and in-school dental treatments.

Our hygienists collaborate with school nurses, secretaries and principals to notify teachers when dates and times are available for their school. In most schools, a sign-up sheet will be posted in the teacher’s room with available days and times.

During our presentations, we appreciate having teachers stay in the classroom to help reinforce the messages we share with students. We also thrive on and welcome feedback about the lesson.


Topics that we cover include the following:

Kindergarten and Pre-K
Introduction to proper dental care: visiting the dentist, brushing technique, flossing and fluoride. "Bugsy" the puppet is used to help reinforce learning.  At the end, a hands-on activity is offered using plastic mouth models.

Grade 1
Choosing healthy snacks for teeth, proper brushing habits, flossing, fluoride and a unique movie, Seal in a Smile 2016, about sealants. "Bugsy" visits grade 1 as well.  An interactive healthy snack game allows students to check their knowledge when grocery shopping.

Grade 2
Focus on prevention: review of tooth brushing and flossing techniques, introduction to ADA-approved dental products, importance of daily fluoride exposure, appropriate snacks to maintain good oral and overall health. A hands-on brushing activity using mouth models allows the students to practice what they've learned.

Grade 3
An interactive true or false game to review optimal dental health; a true test to see how much they have absorbed from previous years!  A five minute video called "Be the Super Hero of Your Own Mouth" is played at the end of the lesson. 

Grade 4
A modern Power Point titled "Rethink Your Drink"; an introduction to the effects of sugary beverages and their acid content on teeth and gums. Additionally, we educate about nutrition labels and introduce a simplified version of the pH scale. The Power Point is followed by a six minute movie, "If You're Sippin' Then You're Trippin' " that reviews the effects of soda and the benefits of milk and water. 

Grade 5
An entertaining Power Point titled "Before You Head to Middle School"; this is the last year of in-class dental education for students so we spotlight the key points of grade four lesson and touch base on their younger years; kindergarten through grade three. Also, an introduction to gingivitis, tooth erosion and the stages of decay. The Power Point is followed by a five minute movie, "What Causes Cavities?" by Mel Rosenberg that reviews the effects of soda and acids while emphasizing the benefits of milk and water.