Teaching Kids Healthy Habits



Oral health is an important part of overall health, and so Children’s Dental Network offers teachers in participating schools the opportunity to have a dental hygienist deliver an oral health presentation to their students. These presentations are available for kindergarten through fifth graders, and may be offered at a different time in the school year than our screenings and in-school treatments.

Teachers will be notified when dates and times are available for their school, and in many schools a sign-up sheet will be posted in the teacher’s room with available days & times.

During our presentations, we appreciate having teachers stay in the classroom to help reinforce the messages we share with students. We also welcome feedback about the lesson.

Topics that we cover include the following:

Kindergarten & Readiness
Introduction to good dental care: visiting the dentist, brushing, tooth loss

Grade 1
Choosing healthy snacks for teeth, sealants, proper brushing habits
(DVD player needed)

Grade 2
How to brush – hands-on brushing activity, tooth protectors: flossing, fluoride, healthy snacks

Grade 3
How to floss and dental health review
(VCR needed)

Grade 4
Smokeless Tobacco – addiction facts, health risks and strategies to say “No”
(Overhead projector needed)

Grade 5
Dental nutrition and review of strategies to improve dental health
(DVD player needed)

A 2-sided handout is available for each grade. You can download handouts here.

Pre-K and Kindergarten
Toothbrush Chart
Toothbrush Count Activity

Grade 1
Choose Healthy Snacks
Parent Letter

Grade 2
Brushing Chart
Prevent Dental Problems

Grade 3
Test Yourself and Your Family
How to Floss

Grade 4
Smokeless Tobacco Quiz
Letter to Parents

Grade 5
Read Food Labels
Snack Smart